Hi, I'm Denise Marie (RSSW) Licensed Therapist for Women

I am a Registered Social Service Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). I am located in Georgetown, ON and serve all of Ontario online.

I am an empathetic and compassionate practitioner whose true-life purpose is to support other women on their personal healing journey. 

If you have come across this page, I truly believe you have come searching for answers. You are yearning to figure yourself out and want nothing for than to feel happy.

It can be overwhelming sometimes can’t it? Right now you might be struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or unprocessed trauma.

At this point you might even wonder if you’re always going to be this way. I have been there myself so those thoughts are all too familiar.

From my heart to yours, I want you to know that your past is a part of you, but it does not define you. Working with a Therapist you trust and feel safe with can help you to work through some of those challenges you’re currently experiencing. 

My style is unique in that I know, wholeheartedly, that you are the expert in your own life. My role is to support you in rediscovering the beauty that is YOU, to reconnect you with your body, mind, and spirit. 

Collaboratively, we will navigate your path towards healing and wholeness. 

Want to know more about me? Check out my story below! 

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My Story

Why Hello there! I’m Denise Marie! A Licensed Therapist for Women!

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Trust me when I say, I understand what you’re going through, I’ve been there!

That’s right, I also went through Therapy and it was through that very process that I am standing here today.

Growing up I always had an innate, caring, compassionate nature, an unrelenting desire to support others while they were going through their most difficult times.

 That said, I had no idea it was my life purpose, I hadn’t even considered it!

I was too busy following the “life path”, doing the things I was taught you’re “supposed to do.” College, University, Corporate J.O.B. I did it all.

BUT, I was VERY unhappy…

It wasn’t until I delved into my own Therapeutic Journey that I came to realize that becoming a Therapist wasn’t only my passion, this work was my calling, my purpose!

Before I got to that point though, I had to navigate through some serious stuff that was keeping me stuck!

With the support of my own Therapist I began to recognize…

✔️ I had a HEAP of negative beliefs about who I was and what I was capable of.

✔️ I was blaming everyone else for the way I was feeling. I had no idea I was the one in control!

✔️ I was filled with overwhelming self-doubt, spending all my time concerned about what other people thought of me.

✔️I was struggling with overwhelming anxiety and fear, constantly living in my head. I was scared of everything and anything.


If so, you’re absolutely in the right place! 

Before starting Therapy I had no idea I had other options in my life. I felt so out of control and lost.

Most of all, I had no idea where to start…

For me it started with one phone call, I took a chance and reached out to a Therapist online.

It was scary, I’ll tell you that, but it has been the single most impactful experience I have had in my life.

While working with my own trusted Therapist I learned so much about my authentic self and who I truly am, while also gaining powerful tools to manage whatever life has thrown at me. I hake taken back control in my life and continue to show up, just as I am.

I learned I am worthy!

More than anything I know, in my heart, that it is never too late to make change in your life. 


It doesn’t matter how old you are or your current circumstances, what matters is your desire to make yourself a priority and commit yourself to YOU!


Sometimes what you need to get there is someone to support you as you work through your own anxiety, trauma, negative thoughts, self-doubt and recognize your own WORTH!

Someone who will make you feel safe, feel seen, feel heard.

That is the gift that Therapy is, this place where you can show up, just as you are and never feel judged.


This is my ultimate PASSION, being that Therapist to support you to as you begin to see what you’re truly capable of, collaborating with you as you rediscover WHO YOU ARE!

I am more than just a Therapist, I am a ray of hope reminding you of what is possible.



Judgement Free

My absolute guarantee is safety. During our time together you will never have to worry about feeling judged. Your emotions and thoughts are valid, they deserve to be heard.


You are the expert in your own life. My role during our time together is to meet you right where you are while supporting you to while you work towards your goals. This is a collaborative approach.

Customized to YOU!

You aren’t like everyone else, you’re wonderfully unique and that must be honoured. My services will be customized to meet your individual needs. No cookie cutter Therapy here!

"By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility."



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Individual Sessions for Women

Book an individual session to explore your unique needs. Consider this your first, baby step towards change. I am here to work alongside you as you explore challenges and work towards your goals.