Ready to take your healing a bit deeper? Reiki can support you in achieving this goal.

What is Reiki All About?

If you have never experienced Reiki first hand, you’re in for a real treat. I will never forget the first session I had, I couldn’t believe how good I felt afterwards. 


I seriously wondered, “where has this been all my life?!!?!”


Reiki was something that I opened myself up to early on in my Therapeutic Journey, I found it tremendously supportive and a nourishing way to balance my energy.


It is like a flood of positivity streaming into the body. That is really what Reiki is, at it’s core, Universal light energy that has the power to bring balance back to the body.


Here are some of the many benefits of Reiki:

💎Body Optimization – It promotes harmony and balance within the body, regulating the nervous system.


💎Clearing Energy Blocks – You will feel less stress, more gratitude, increased positivity, increased clarity; enhanced capacity to learn and retain information, less physical pain.


💎Enhances the Body’s Ability to Self-Heal – The body is designed to address any issues going on within, Reiki can support the internal body to it’s natural state of equilibrium. When this happens your internal resources can be used for healing.

 💎 Relaxation & Rest – During this gentle process you will find yourself in a deep state of relaxation, you might even fall asleep!


💎Improved Sleep – When the body is free of blocks it functions more optimally, you will naturally have deeper, more restful sleep. You’ll be amazed at the sleep quality!


💎 Improves your Overall Energy – You will likely feel as thought you have more energy in the days following a Reiki treatment, this is because the body has had an internal “reset,” and your precious energetic resources can be used elsewhere!

These are only some of the incredible benefits, there are so many more, more than I can count. The best way to experience it is to book a session and find out how it supports you! 


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. 


Alternatively, you can check out this video below. In it I share all about Reiki and it’s many benefits!

"Reiki is intelligent. The beautiful thing about Reiki is that, whatever the problem, Reiki energy goes where it is needed to do the greatest good"

- Gary Malone


All Reiki Sessions are done virtually, via Google Meet. Distance Reiki is just as powerful and healing as in person. Come as you are and trust that this energy will flow as needed. I will be there to guide you on this journey, your only role is to come with an open mind and heart.

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