“Supposed to Culture is the very thing that has us feeling like we’re not good enough, smart enough or doing enough. It’s time to start fighting back!”

Denise Marie

Oh man! I am FIRED UP!

Can you feel my energy through the screen?

Since I opened my Private Practice, I have been searching for a name for this villain we are all fighting against.

What is this pressure we are feeling? This pressure that has us thinking some seriously damaging thoughts…

It’s to the point where we are questioning everything we are doing.

If you’re anything like me you have thought some of these at least once in your life:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m not working hard enough”

“I’m not thin or beautiful enough”

“I don’t fit in”

This BREAKS MY HEART and I’ve become more determined than ever to get to the bottom of WHY or WHAT has us feeling this way.

Because guess what?

But here is the thing, as Big-Hearted Empaths we want nothing more than to be seen, heard, loved, and accepted.

We yearn for it, on a soul level.

But, when we’re consistently berated by the media and society for not fitting into a box we start spinning out, trying anything and everything to belong.

You’re not alone in feeling that way,

I did that for YEARS, there are times I still find myself being influenced by this villain.

And it’s got to stop.

This Villain we are facing, it is so deeply conditioned into our minds, from a young age. So much so, it has us looking outside of ourselves for answers that can only be found deep within.

You know what is best for you.

You know what you need better than anyone else.

Yet there is this pressure to seek externally, to find the answers outside of yourself.

It’s time to expose this villain one and for all.

Words couldn’t ever do this topic justice…

So, in true Denise fashion, I created a video for you.

Ready to learn all about this villain that has us Big-hearted Empaths looking outside of ourselves?

Click the image below to access the video:

Well, what did you think?

Is your mind blown?

Do you finally feel like everything makes a little bit more sense? I know I sure did, it’s like I could breathe knowing there was nothing wrong with me, there never was!

And there is nothing wrong with you either, it’s time to go within and reconnect to who you are, at your core!

You matter, period!

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