Finding the Perfect Fit!

Fancy meeting you here!

Today I am coming at you with a good ole dose of the TRUTH







Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not the type of person that would ever knock another professional down because I wouldn’t, EVER.

We all care deeply for our clients

We are all emotionally invested, sometimes to a fault

At least, most of us are, others have felt the sting and pain of burnout, compassion fatigue, or exhaustion.

Being connected to another human being on such a deep level can be tiring.

It means setting some firm BOUNDARIES.

Without them, it’s harder to hold space for the healing of others.

Not All Counsellors are the Same

That is the reason I say that not all Counselling or Counsellors are the same.

Each of us are different, coming from a different background, practicing different modalities and bringing something unique to the table.

BUT! Many of us are exhausted.

All this to say, if you’ve tried Counselling before and it didn’t work, it might just be about the Practitioner.

Because fit is just as important as the sessions themselves.

You have to feel a connection to the practitioner, a deep sense of comfort when you’re in their presence (both virtually and physically).

You have to feel safe, secure, like you’re in a space where you can share your feelings and emotions vulnerably.

You should never feel as though the practitioner is judging you, shaming you, or giving you unsolicited advice.

You should never feel as though the person you are working with is talking too much about their personal lives, leaving you feeling as though you haven’t gotten a word in edgewise.

You shouldn’t feel scared or nervous to show up, just as you are or that you aren’t accepted fully for where you are currently, in the here and now.

Here is the Thing

I want you to begin to REALIZE

You have, within you, the ability to heal

You are wonderfully unique, with incredible strengths and gifts that nobody else can access

You are WORTHY, you deserve everything you want, and MORE, the sky’s the limit.

Don’t be discouraged, don’t think that because you had one poor experience that you are bound to have another one.

I am here to tell you, THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

Every practitioner is different, it’s all about finding the one that works for YOU!

Don’t give up, it’s a journey you’ll never regret!