Did you know there is a brand new way to work with me?

This is pretty darn exciting, I’m not going to lie.

Up until this point, I have only been offering my program Purposeful Insight, I have not been offering single sessions.

I know that the Therapeutic Journey takes more than one session, I have been there myself.

It is only through that personal investment that you really begin to show up for yourself and do the work on a soul level.

This is the main reason my only offering was my program, I wanted to ensure you got everything you needed to really begin seeing that shift in your life.

After some personal reflection, I have decided that single sessions are also incredibly valuable as well.

Perhaps you have thought about working together but you still aren’t sure. Maybe you’re still wavering, feeling like you aren’t capable of driving change in your life (you ARE btw, just saying!)

Alternatively, there could be a financial aspect that is at play here.

Finally, maybe you would like to work together but you’re far enough in your personal development journey to know you don’t need eight sessions, you just need one.

One session to gain new perspective on a pressing issue.

Whatever the case may be, I wanted to give you the opportunity to work together 1:1 on a much smaller scale.

The best part about the website is that you can actually schedule that session and make your one time investment all in one place.

Now, I have intentionally made these sessions longer, 75 minutes versus the traditional 60 minutes. I never want you to feel rushed to try and get the needed background information out.

Again, if you have insurance through your employer, you can claim our time together, clawing back a portion of the investment (thank goodness for that!)

At the end of the day

I want to be sure you have what you need to start living life on your terms.

You’re worthy of greatness,

P.S. I want to make this easy for you, if you don’t want to navigate the website, you can click here to schedule your single session. I am all about making things super simple for you 

Let’s have a chat, your link is here to book

P.P.S Still have some questions about how the single sessions work? I’ve got you covered, simply leave a comment below and say “more info please.” I will get back to you right away!