Mindfulness Tips

Have you heard of mindfulness before? It’s okay if you haven’t, it seems to be a term that is thrown around a lot and has become “trendy.”

Maybe you have an idea of what it means but haven’t found a method which suits your lifestyle.

Alternatively, you might be of the impression mindfulness = meditation and you feel overwhelmed by the thought of sitting quietly with your thoughts for hours at a time.

A lot of folks have told me “Denise, I can’t be mindful, I can’t sit for long periods of time in meditation.”

To be honest, I still struggle with this too, sometimes your thoughts run amuck and its difficult to connect to the breath.

If you are one of those individuals that have tried meditation and couldn’t “quiet” your thoughts, have no fear.

You aren’t supposed to be able to (after all, you think 60,000 thoughts per day, 60,000!!!!), you are just meant to not attach yourself to them when they do arise.

But again, this post isn’t about meditation, it’s about mindfulness.

Let me let you in on an easy definition of what it ACTUALLY is, one that is simple and easy to wrap your mind around.

“Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose”

Easy peasy right!!?!?!

It can be anythinganything at all, that is the most wonderful part about it.

You can even mindfully watch Netflix!

Feel what the couch feels like under you, allow yourself to fully notice all of the colours and sounds you are hearing from the TV, be present and allow it all to sink in.

Being conscious of any task you are doing, that is mindfulness.

If you can do so you will begin to instantly see the benefits of being in the present moment, they really are endless.

Because it means you aren’t worrying about the past or having concerns about the future, you are rooted in the NOW, enjoying each movement to its fullest.

We spend so much time in our heads, can you relate to that sentiment?

If so, you’re not alone, I promise, we all do it.

That’s why mindfulness serves as an anchor, a way to bring us out of the thinking mind and allow us to experience the beauty that is all around us, in all it’s majesty.

If you’re new to the practice of mindfulness, I wanted to create an amazing resource for you, one that is packed with easy, beginner level mindfulness “hacks” or “ideas”

If you’re ready to start exploring and being incorporating mindfulness into your life, I have you covered.

All you have to do click on the link below to access the FREE RESOURCE

Beginners Mindfulness Tips.pdf

Benefits of Mindfulness

If you aren’t sold on the idea yet, allow me to highlight some of the benefits of embracing mindfulness:

? Mindfulness assists you in lowering your overall anxiety levels, so you can stop worrying so much about the future and enjoy the present moment.

? It serves as an amazing coping strategy so, the next time a challenging situation comes on, you can work through it with more clarity.

?It increases your capacity to tap in love and compassion for yourself, so you can start embracing who you are and stop being so hard on yourself all the time.

?Increase memory and cognitive function, so you can sharpen your brain and increase overall performance.

?Stress reduction, you could use a bit of this am I right!?!?! Studies have shown that those who engage in a daily mindfulness practice are better able to mitigate their stress levels. That alone has a direct impact on your overall health and well-being.

This is just the beginning, there are so many more benefits!

So, if you’re ready to dabble in a mindfulness practice that is suited to you’re lifestyle, give the link below a wee click:

Beginners Mindfulness Tips.pdf

You’ve got this, you’re capable, you’re ready