Healing Ancestral Wounds

Good day to you!

Do you have an innate awareness that your family has been recycling patterns of behaviour?

Or maybe you feel as though some of your deep seeded beliefs might not actually be your own at all?

Are you curious about how to begin healing the wounds of your ancestral line so as to not perpetuate the cycle?

Perhaps you want to explore the root of your limiting beliefs, getting curious about whether or not they have been passed down from previous generations.

If this sounds familiar or is resonating, this video training is one you will want to check out.

Healing the Ancestral Line

Healing your ancestral line can bring about compassion and understanding for those who came before you.

It can also bring you closer to your family members from generations past.

To honour them, to tap into their energy, to find forgiveness and gratitude for all they were able to survive.

After all, it is because of them that you are here at all am I right!?!?

How to do it, a Video Training

In this video, I dive deep into scratching the surface around what it means to identify and address Ancestral Wounds, including:

? An overall definition of Ancestral Wounds, so you don’t have to wonder anymore what this is all about.

? What the purpose of addressing this topic in your own life. You might not even realize you are repeating patterns, having clarity around it allows you to release what no longer serves.

? What starts to happen when you get curious about generations past, the benefits are endless.

? How to begin the journey towards addressing Ancestral Wounds, it truly is a process, one which takes time but can start with you, in the here and now.

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