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“Dreams are often messages transmitted by the soul. Observe them with care and curiosity”

Unknown Author

I am a big believer in dreams being messages, I always have been really.

That belief only heightened as I went through Therapy myself and started tapping into my own sense of spirituality.

I started having more vivid dreams, one’s that didn’t seem so random.

It felt like my subconscious was bubbling to the surface, like I was supposed to tune in and listen.

I felt called to take stock of what I was dreaming about, to really decipher what I was meant to take from that dream-state experience.

Even now, right when I wake, I take a moment to reflect on what I was dreaming about.

I call it “the in-between” that time before you’re actually awake, still half asleep.

It’s become my favourite part of the day and it’s all mine.

That is the time I can begin to get a bit curious about what my subconscious wishes for me to know.

I try and avoid using Google to understand my dreams, after all, how could Google possibly know what my subconscious is trying to tell me?!?!

It’s tempting though, that’s for sure.

But, these are YOUR dreams, they are meant for YOU! Go within and ask your intuition what you’re meant to take/learn from this dream.

You have the answers within you, pinky swear!

If you’re new to this whole “understanding your dreams” thing, I’ve got your back and I want to make it easy for you.

That’s why I created this super handy journal for you, so you could start writing down your own dreams (when you’re in your own “in-between” phase).

That’s when you want to jot these elements of your dream down, while you can still remember it.

Cause we’ve all been there before right?

Thinking you’ll remember the dream.

But then it’s gone, just like that.

Take advantage of those moments where you remember them, even if it means you only jot down one or two words.

Anything to jog your memory later, don’t make this too complicated!

Then, when you have some time and can take a quiet moment to yourself, that’s when you can pull out the journal and start getting curious about what you’re meant to see.

It can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it

So, here is what you’re going to do, you’re going to click the image below to get your journal:

Got it?

Okay, now that that is done you’re going to put this by your bed with your favourite pen, that way you’re ready to go at any time.

Even if you wake up in the middle of the night you’ll have it handy and can jot a few words down.

You’ll be amazed at what starts to come to the surface.

Treat this like an experiment for yourself, go in with ZERO expectations.

And, of course, always feel free to respond to this email and share with me what dreams you have been remembering lately. I find this work REALLY fascinating and I want to hear more about your experience.

Your dreams are messages, time to tap in!