Tips to Manage Fear of Change!

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much seeking change and transformation can be difficult

Not only difficult though, SCARY, to the point where you just want to run and hide to avoid the discomfort.

Can you relate to that?

I know I sure can, I allowed my fear of change to control me for years, even though I was wildly dissatisfied with the trajectory of my life, staying the same was much easier than deciding to do something differently.

Because having to take a step outside the comfort of my environment threatened my ability to feel in control

To feel safe

To feel secure

It was FEAR that kept me stuck, I felt as though it was lurking behind every corner, just waiting for me to start considering taking back control and going after the things I wanted in life.

Just when I least expected it – BOOM! Cue the racing heart, sweaty palms, spiraling thoughts, it was all there, plaguing me.

So I maintained the status quo…and, surprise, surprise, nothing changed…

It’s sneaky, our fears, so much so that it has the power to keep us stagnant, wondering if were ever meant for anything more than what is.

I am here to tell you, without fear and discomfort we cannot push ourselves to UPLEVEL, to become the BEST version of ourselves.

The brain wants to keep us safe, it cannot do that if we go around trying to make improvements in our lives.

The only way to ensure safety is to introduce FEAR

But, we know better now right?!?!?!

And, I know you’re looking for more ways to cope with those feelings when they arise.

Because, its inevitably going to happen.

And I want you to be prepared.

That is why I have created a lovely PDF document for you, a resource you can print out, put on your fridge, your closet door, your bathroom mirror, HECK, you can put multiple copies all over the house!


You can keep a nice digital copy, saved to your device for easy access.

Ready to hear some tips on how to manage and cope with your fear response?

Tips to Cope with Fear.png

This is an excellent tool to keep in your toolbox, anytime you need it you can refer back and remember the tips!!!

Feel free to pass this along to your friends, family, anyone you feel just might benefit from seeing it.

After all, we’re all here to support one another, uplifting the incredible women in our lives ready to make change and take on the world!!

We just need to learn to manage the fear that goes along with it, luckily, I’ve got you covered.

Hit reply and let me know if you’re ready to face your fears, looking them straight in the eyes, recognizing them, then doing the scary thing anyways.

You’ve got this!