Eeeeek, I am WAY too hyped up as I send you this love letter

Can you feel it, can you feel my energy coming through the screen Care Bear style? I’m aging myself with this reference aren’t I?!?!

Either way, this email isn’t about the Care Bears but it is something I think you’ll be interested in hearing about.

I have been talking an awful lot about Supposed to Culture lately (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can watch my video all about it by clicking below:

Now that you’re all caught up you’re probably wondering…

Okay Denise, now I KNOW that Supposed to Culture is the very thing we’re up against, but what is the solution?

I am OVER feeling the exploitation of Supposed to Culture and I am beyond exhausted.

I am ready to take back my power and be my damn self, I am tired of hiding!!!

And, that’s the point that us Exhausted Empaths get to, we have spent soooo much of our precious lives and energy trying desperately to “fit in.”

Even if it means we having been trying to stuff ourselves into a box that was never meant for us in the first place.

It’s messed up and it’s gotta stop….

And, to be honest, I know that I have been put on this Earth to support Exhausted Empaths as they flourish and blossom into the Empowered Empaths they were always meant to be.

So, let me just say this!

I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

And, if you’re ready to ditch Supposed to Culture once and for all I want you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But, you have to be ready, this isn’t something me or anyone else can force you to do.

You will just know when the time has come.

Even if you’re scared or nervous, you’ll get to a point where you’re done trying to be something you’re not and you’re willing to put yourself first and walk the journey to self-healing.

Or, as I like to call it, The Journey to Worthiness!

How does that feel reading that?

Is it hitting you right in your heart and soul?

If so, you might wanna check out this next video, in it I am sharing all about the method I am using with my clients and what EXACTLY you can expect, click my darling face below to get the details:

Can you tell how nervous I was creating this video!!?!

Even so, I have learned to befriend fear, to have gratitude for it but then do the thing I want to do anyways.

The old me that was plagued by the influence of Supposed to Culture never would have been brave enough to share that with you.

But, that’s a testament to my own Journey of Worthiness, the results that have come of it!

For my dear community members that prefer to see the Journey to Worthiness visually, I’ve got your back! See the images below, they lay it all out in brilliant colour!

I know working on yourself is never an easy decision, there is so much fear of the unknown that is getting in the way.

Part of that fear is bloody Supposed to Culture, always making you feel like if you seek help there is something “wrong with you” or “you’re weak.”

Piss off Supposed to Culture, nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, Supposed to Culture prefers if we all stay Exhausted Empaths, then we won’t actually see the truth of it all.

But, if you’ve read this far you’re ready to tear off that blindfold and burn it to the ground.

And, if you’re at that place, it’s time we chat.

No commitments

No pressure

No gross shame based sales tactics

That’s not my jam, no way hosay.

But, if you’re open to sitting down with me and seeing if this is a good fit for you, if you’re ready to walk the Journey of Worthiness I’ll be right there with you.

First we gotta meet! How bout we do a 30 minute chat where we dive deep and see where this could possibly go, if it’s the right fit for you.

This meeting is on the house (AKA FREE!!!!), it’s your opportunity to get to know me and make a well-educated, heart centered, and intuitive decision.

All its takes is for you to reach out to me.

Promise I won’t bite!

You’re worthy of the Journey to Worthiness

P.S. Wanna chat more about the Journey to Worthiness? Simply drop a comment below saying “can we chat?”