What Type of Therapist am I?

This was a question I wasn’t really expecting to be faced with when I started my practice.

I thought saying “I’m a Therapist” was going to be enough, like people would just understand what it meant.

What I found out was that this wasn’t necessarily the case, in fact, I got heaps of questions about it.

This totally shocked me and I quickly realized that saying I was a Therapist wasn’t going to be enough.

I needed to dig deeper and be able to better articulate what clients can expect when they work with me.

This is especially important for me because I work virtually.

I needed to be able to express the ultimate outcome in a way that made sense to people, especially to the incredible women that are meant to work with me.

And that, that is what this video is all about.

I am sharing a little bit about what you can expect to gain during our time together, what you will have accomplished.

If you’re curious to know more, you’re going to want to watch this video.

Is it longer than normal? Maybeeeee, but I wanted to be sure I shared as much as I could. Have more questions about how I can support you?

Drop a comment below, let’s have an open chat about it.