I have a secret for you, one that is going to BLOW your mind.

Ready to hear it? You might not believe me at first.

Either way, I am about to share it with you.


There never has been anything wrong with you, not ever. You’re not someone who is broken beyond repair.

As empaths, it’s easy to fall into the self-blame spiral, feeling like all your decisions and everything you’ve ever done has been a direct result of there being something inherently wrong with you.

You might have even caught yourself saying “why do I keep doing these things, what is wrong with me?”

And, even if you’re just saying words as opposed to really meaning them, your body and your soul doesn’t know the difference.

You have never been the problem, think about that for a moment.

You are a collection of experiences, taking in the world around you like a sponge. You have been exposed to more opinions and conditioning than one person can take.

No wonder you’re feeling exhausted and wondering how to get yourself out of the funk you might be in right now.

So much of who you are today was shaped lonnnngggggg before now. Conditioning from Supposed to Culture starts the moment you exit the womb.

That’s when all the pressure to conform starts, the conditioning. Soon enough you’re so far away from who you truly are you start to believe you might actually be the problem.

Supposed to Culture can only exist if we continue to gaslight ourselves into thinking we are the issue, that we need to just try harder, do more, hustle, fit in and continue to adhere to societal standards.

But, if that’s not who you are in your heart and soul, if you’re someone that yearns to do your own thing and dance to the beat of your own drum, it’s no wonder you’re thinking in this way.

You’re not broken, there is nothing wrong with you.

This feeling of discomfort, like something is wrong and uncomfortable, that is your intuition and the Universe trying to tell you you’re not on your path.

It’s time to pivot, to begin the process of unlearning all of the conditioning that has told you who you “should be,” who you’re “supposed to be.”

It’s time to come home, to break down that foundation and rediscover who YOU are, outside of all the noise.

It is possible, it takes work but you can get there.

This is the work I’m doing with my clients, it’s something I have done myself and it’s something I am PASSIONATE about.

We do it all together, hand in hand, you’re never alone.

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Don’t like what you’re hearing and feeling? No problem, I am happy we got a chance to meet.

Ready to take the next step? I am ready too,Β lets jump in.

You’re not a problem to be solved.

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