Have you been thinking about starting Therapy lately?

Wondering if it’s part of your path but having no idea what to expect?

Believe it or not, many people have similar experiences, they aren’t sure what’s going to happen or if they will know what to talk about.

On top of this, people often wonder if they are the right fit for therapy, almost minimizing all the reasons they wanted to go in the first place.

“Things aren’t THAT bad, other people have it worse”

Sound familiar?

I can relate, I had all those same feelings before I got started.

It’s common to be nervous and for all of those thoughts to swirl through your head.

Let’s clear the air and soothe any of those fears you’re having. The more information you have on hand, easier it will be to take the first baby step.

Check out the video below, you know how much I love video content:

Well, what do you think? Did this video provide you with some much needed information?

I am hopeful that this will give you a sense of safety and calm, especially when you’re making such a profound decision.

This is one of those moments that is a challenge to decide but yields a lifetime of positive momentum and change.

If you’re feeling called to work together as a Client and Therapist, I would encourage you to reach out, it’s as easy as dropping a comment below and asking for more information.

Enough is enough, you’re ready.

This is your moment.