Supposed to Culture would have us believe that there is only ONE definition for success.

In the spirit of breaking up with and challenging Supposed to Culture, I am choosing to redefine what success means to me.

Hopefully you feel inspired to do the same.

And now, onto the personal reflection:

To me, success truly means that I have ditched the need to follow along with societal expectations. I am no longer following a path that was laid out for me, I am following my own.

Success means to strip away the need to compare myself to others and tap into my unique magic.

Would a thriving business also be a determinant in my success story?

Maybe, but it’s not everything…. 

For the longest time I felt that success was the accumulation of accolades and monetary freedom, I have since learned that this simply isn’t true.

It doesn’t matter my status or what I have in life, success is following my own heart and soul path.

Had I stuck to Supposed to Cultures definition of success I wouldn’t be standing where I am today. It was only through this redefinition of what success IS that has given me the ability to follow my true life purpose.

Living a soul forward life, one that is deeply connected and tapped into what I came to this earth to do, the ultimate alignment with my passion and my calling. Standing in my element and truly thriving, leaving behind all that was “assigned” to me but never actually meant for me. 

Standing in my own personal power and being able to confidently strip away, bit by bit, the expectations handed down to me. Becoming fully attuned to my personal values, what I stand for and how I serve the greater good.

Success is boldly embodying my spirited and effervescent self, allowing it to shine brightly like the beacon of light I am!

I am a lightworker, a light being, a shepherd. I am a guide here to illuminate the path of others.

Bringing that vision to life, rediscovering my life path, aligning to my purpose, this is the ultimate definition of success, this is me boldly and unapologetically flourishing. This is how I THRIVE, this brings me to life, this work lights me up.

What more could any one person hope for? 

This reflection brings tears to my eyes as it serves as a reminder.

A reminder that I do have control over my own destiny, that I can and WILL create a life that feels aligned with who I am.

Adhering to the “vanilla” definitions that Supposed to Culture no longer serves, in fact, it has kept myself and other empaths in a spiral of exhaustion.

It’s time to take back our power and redefine what success means, to all of us.

It’s the ultimate testimony to what it means to be and EMPOWERED EMPATH.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below!