To me, spirituality restored my hope and optimism, it made me feel comfortable venturing into the unknown, to embrace it and fight the fear head on.

It’s like I knew the Universe wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction, all I had to do was trust and follow the next breadcrumb.

That is what spirituality is to me, following the next breadcrumb and knowing, on a soul level, that I am stepping in the right direction. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today without that sheer trust, without continuously moving.

And, it only grew from there, it became so much bigger than simply hope and optimism.

It meant reconnecting to my intuition, trusting it, relying on it, knowing that it had always been there I had just convinced myself to shut it down,

Supposed to Culture played a role in that as well, convincing me to use logic and reason instead of trusting my gut. 

Knowing what is best for you, tapping into that, that is what spirituality is all about. 

It’s about knowing that there is something greater than yourself but not BETTER than you. 

It’s about unity, we’re all connected. That is another lesson that spirituality has taught me, Supposed to Culture causes massive divides, keeps us all in places of judgement, finger pointing, and name calling.

It wants us to all see one another as separate but, what if we’re all one in the same? Infinitely connected.

It has allowed me to see the word for what it is, the powers that seek to control and divide.

To want to fight against it, to show others what is possible.

This is truly an important element in the work that I am doing with clients, it is the foundation of my practice, my business, and my world view.

When we work together you will immediately feel at ease, a sense of comfort and energetic flow between the two of us.

I have come to learn that this is the power of the Universe, bringing the two of us together, it will just make sense.

Even now, are you’re reading this post you can’t believe what you’re seeing, I know you feel the same way.

Spirituality is about much more than just belief in something bigger than you, it’s an inner knowing, an understanding that you are powerful and you can create change in your life.

Nothing is more terrifying to Supposed to Culture than an Empowered Empath tapped into their belief in themselves and the Universe.

That’s when the real magic happens.

Feeling called to work together? L:eave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.