What the HECK is the Z.O.I.F?

Don’t you worry, I am about to tell you all about it.

It’s what I like to call, the Zone of Intuitive Flow.

When you walk the Journey to Worthiness, one of the most important aspects is reconnecting to your intuition.

I would almost argue it’s THE key to tapping into your Empowerment.

When you’re in the Z.O.I.F your intuition is online and accurate, you have learned to trust it and have built a relationship with it.

It is comprised of three factors:
? Your Unique Beliefs and Values
? Personal Experiences
? Body Wisdom

For my visual learners, I will leave a diagram below outlining what we are talking about:

​This is a place of intuitive balance where you know your intuitive language, how is speaks to you and what it sounds like.

You’re no longer able to deny it’s wisdom, you can’t ignore it any longer, nor do you want to.

Because this process is the cornerstone to the Journey to Worthiness, I wanted to create a video that explains it all in detail:

Click the image below to access the video!

Well, what did you think?

an you see why reconnecting to your intuition is such a pivotal part of stepping into your empowerment?

Supposed to Culture has made us exhausted empaths believe that intuition is just “woo woo” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is your inner guidance system, your GPS, it’s always a part of you.

For many of us, we have learned to tuck our intuitive side away, preferring to rely on logic and analytics.

Here is the thing though, your intuition is the connection to what is best for you, it’s how your soul talks to you.

When we rely only on logic, keep in mind that this has been heavily influenced and conditioned by Supposed to Culture.

That is why reconnecting to your intuition is one of our key goals during The Journey to Worthiness.

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