Societal Expectations!

“Just because society expects you to be one way doesn’t mean you have to adopt it.”

Living by the expectations of society is exhausting!

No thanks, I think we have all done that for long enough and it will never truly feel aligned.

You are meant to be unique, you’re not meant to live life based on the values of other people.

Why is it you feel like you have to adhere to some type of preset life schedule?

Likely because that is what you’re exposed to day in and day out, from the time you are born and long into adulthood.

Follow the rules, do the things, follow the life path.

But what if you took a moment to ask yourself “is this what I really want?”

What if you started to question why you do the things you do and begin to understand how much of that is based on the expectations of others?

What if instead you started showing up in a way that feels good to you, even if it is outside of the box.

You’re here to SHINE, to be UNIQUE, to be YOU!!!!

We aren’t all meant to be the same, where is the fun in that?

It’s time to do away with living by others rules and live by your own instead.

Half the fun is figuring out what that means to you.

What is one societal expectation you can let go of today? Drop it in the comments below.