Reframing your Thinking!

There is power in reframing your way of thinking. I am going to show you how!

As I sit at my desk, writing to you from the heart, I find myself emotional, tears welling in my eyes. You might be shocked to hear that, that writing could have such an impact on a person.

But it does, it really does.

Being able to connect with you in this format, it’s a blessing. I feel fortunate to have this platform, it’s truly a gift.

Knowing I could be making a difference, that my words could offer comfort or provide much needed insight is so powerful.

I have always been emotional, my entire life, everything and anything can spark a reaction in me (even commercials!).

For years though, I was always told I was “too sensitive” or “too emotional,” making it seem as though being connected that deeply was a BAD THING.

And, I believed it, always trying to hide my tears during movies.

I did that for YEARS, feeling ashamed any time I cried as something others deemed as “silly”

Does that resonate with you at all?

Is there something you do or a way you behave that others judge you for? Maybe people say you’re “aggressive” or you talk too much?

I want to show you how a simple shift in perspective can change your experience, allowing you to embrace that part of you instead of feeling as though you need to hide it away from the world.

Today, we’re going to reframe, flipping the negative connotation associated with that characteristic and, instead, find the incredible strength within it.

Let’s Explore an Example Together

For example, “Denise, you’re too emotional”

Let’s break down what it means to be emotional?

  • I care deeply
  • I have empathy and compassion
  • I have a big heart
  • I can put myself in the shoes of others and feel their emotions
  • I am in touch with my feelings

Isn’t the BEAUTIFUL?

Now, anytime someone says that to me, I can say THANK YOU, rather than feeling triggered.

Let’s take the term “aggressive” and flip it shall we?

  • You are ambitious, never willing to give up or play small
  • You are willing to stand up for what you believe in
  • There is a fire within you that allows you to go for what you want without apologizing for it
  • You’re passionate about what you believe in
  • You are assertive

See what I mean!?!?!

By taking these “negative” judgements and looking at them from a different perspective you can find the beauty within them

You can embrace that part of you more fully.

This week, I want to challenge you to find ways you can shift your perspective, I promise you it will allow you to find more confidence in who you are.